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Hello my friend! We are the Ravagers, a discord gaming community. We are hosting some of the games you see below this text on private servers.

The Ravagers

We started as a group of six players and we are looking for new members! Join us and become a part of the Ravagers and get the access for a nice community and our servers.

Community hyped Games

Server 26

Server 26 is one of our community server! If you searchig for a static map, you have found it!

GangBros Megaserver

This Miscreated server contains the pure wildness of this game and is the home of the GangBros Megaserver clan!

Orion Space

A Space Engineers Community
[Server in progress]

Dual Univers

In the Future a
Dual Univers Community
[Community and game in progress]


Battlefield V

A Battlefield Community
Join us!

Apex Legends

A Apex Legends Community
Join us!

Not your hyped games? Tell us!


Website in progress!

NEW Apex Legends Community!!

Website in progress!

NEW Apex Legends Community!!

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